Protective Face Mask / Face Guard

Caldwell Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC provides custom protective face masks (face guards) are fabricated for patients that have suffered injuries to their face including fractures (nasal, jaw, and/or orbit), lacerations and facial reconstruction and they do not want to reinjure that area. Facemasks/faceguards are also worn to protect athletes who participate in high impact sports.


Your custom face mask (face guard):


1)     Is made by an American Board Certified Orthotist (C.O.)

2)     Is made from a mold of your face so that it will stay in place       

3)     Will not obstruct your peripheral vision

4)     Made from high impact resistant plastic so it won’t break or shatter

5)     Restores your confidence that you will not be injured or reinjured.


Steps required for a custom protective face mask (face guard):


1)     Physician’s prescription for a custom protective face mask.

2)     Set-up appointment for initial evaluation, photographs and molding.

3)     Cost for custom protective face mask depends on the style, type of material and timeframe.

4)    Face mask will be ready for fitting and delivery within 2-3 business days.

  • Expediated services are available at additional charge.

5)     50% deposit due at casting appointment.

6)     Remaining payment due on day of delivery.

7)     There are no charges for follow-up and adjustment appointments.

8)     Insurance companies normally do not cover custom protective face masks.

  • They are usually categorized as a luxury item.
  • Usually considered not medically necessary.

9)     Our office will provide you with all the paperwork required for you to submit a claim to your insurance provider to seek possible reimbursement.


Our office accepts credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) and personal checks.


Please contact our office to set-up an appointment. 

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